Notice of AGM 11th March 2020

Dear Members

The AGM has been set for 11th March 2020 at 7pm, as per the updated constitution of 2019 which amended our year end to 31st December. We are looking for declarations of interest from any members interested in becoming part of the committee by 19th February 2020. A nominations form can be downloaded HERE.

Anyone being nominated will require to have a proposer and seconder who are a current member of the club and confirm they are willing to stand for the committee. This is also an opportunity to submit any amendments to the Constitution but must be proposed by at least 10% of the membership of the club. The current club constitution can be found HERE

As per the constitution, all committee members step down at the AGM, and stand for re-election if they are nominated and seconded by a club member. Some committee members have indicated they would be willing to re-stand for the committee for 2020. We are actively looking for the positions of Secretary and Treasurer to be filled. If you are interested in standing for the committee and would like further information please contact Simon Willis on If more than one person would like to stand for any given position on the committee then a vote will take place at the AGM.

If you would be interested in taking up a role; Chair, Secretary, Treasurer or Committee Member (3 positions), then further information can be found here for Chair, Treasurer, Secretary. Nomination forms need to be sent to the Club Secretary and club administrator by 19th February on &


20th February – Any resolutions received for consideration at AGM by members (by 10% of membership) communicated to club ahead of AGM.

20th February – Any nominations received for committee posts communicated to club ahead of AGM.

Wednesday 11th March 2020 – AGM 7pm West Denton Pool.

Kind regards

Simon Willis

NST Chairman

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