Why are we moving our sessions to East End?


West Denton pool currently has no confirmed opening time date and we have been allocated pool time at East End as a replacement. We have also taken the maximum amount of space available to us at Gosforth pool. We are in a fortunate position to be able to access training at another site within the city and indeed on the 10th August. There are many other clubs and programmes facing some real uncertainty and challanges.

Have we looked at options at other facilities?
Yes we have and will continue to look at all options in an effort to continually improve the programme. The barrier in every case is the huge increase in cost associated.

Are the squad allocations permanent?
Yes in the sense the that we won't be making any immediate changes. Squad movements will take place as normal in the coming months and will be based on a published criteria.
You should of course speak with an identified member of our coaching team if you require any further information on squad allocations, as outlined below;

Performance Squad; Ryan Livingstone, rjlperformancecoaching@gmail.com

National/Regional Youth/Regional Age/Masters Squads; matt.assistantheadcoachnst@gmail.com

County/County Development/Swim Skills/Fitness Squads; micheledavison@hotmail.com

Why do the Swim Skills and County Development Squads have 4.30pm starts?
4.30pm was not requested by us, but rather is was the time we were able secure. We selected these squads for the 4.30pm starts on the basis that they will be populated by Primary school aged children and it is generally assumed that they finish school earlier. To reinforce this, it is commonplace for primary school aged children to access swimming lessons at 4pm or even earlier. We will monitor this over the coming months.

Why do the County Squad have a morning session?
Because this was the only way we could provide the total training hours required for this squad. Unllike most clubs, we have resisted scheduling weekday morning training for swimmers in this age range, but in our current set up this was unavoidable. If you have any concerns please speak with Michele Davison.

My child is now in County Squad and has never done a two hour session before, will they be allowed to build up to this?
Please discuss any individual training queries with Michele.

Why do the Regional Youth Squad have two weekend sessions?
The alternative was to schedule a second weekday morning session. In the previous Regional squad weekday morning sessions were poorly attended so we selected the Saturday session in this instance. We are aware that when competitions start this squad would potentially miss two of their training sessions and we are looking to find an alternative for this scheduling by the time competitions are reintroduced.


My child may need to leave morning sessions early, will this be problem?

No, we are aware that due to parents work commitments and school start times, children may need to leave morning sessions early.

Which squads provide training for swimmers aged 18+?
Athletes aged 18+ will be allocated a place in the Performance group or Masters Squad.

Will training in a 20m pool have the same benefits as training in a 25/33m?
Yes absolutely, The squad coach will use their expertise to programme the sessions accordingly. They may have to programme sessions slightly different but ultimately there are infinite training methods that can be used to bring around the same outcome. Regarding pool length, a more important consideration for the club will be to provide increased opportunities to access long course training for those swimmers at the appropriate level.

We know that there are elements of the programme that will not be ideal for some members, not least that we have moved almost the entirety of the programme from West of the city to the East. Please the remember the circumstances and conditions that have brought about these changes.


Ryan Livingstone

Head Coach

Newcastle Swim Team